Rajo Bird Count 2024

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Raja (pronounced “Raw-Jaw”) is a unique festival in Odisha that honors womanhood and marks the start of the agricultural year. Aligned with the Mithuna solar month, it marks the arrival of the monsoon rains, a vital time for farming, and celebrates the Earth’s nurturing power. One way to commemorate Raja is by taking part in the Rajo Bird Count, an annual monsoon event in Odisha.June is an excellent time to observe resident birds engaging in various breeding activities, as the monsoon rains bring relief from the summer heat and fill the air with melodious birdsongs. By participating in this state wide citizen science project, you’ll contribute to monitoring breeding bird populations and understanding how climate change impacts their breeding patterns.This inaugural Rajo Bird Count is the first national monsoon bird count in India! It is organized by the Odisha Bird Monitoring Network in collaboration with Bird Count India.

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