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It may be identifying a bird on the field, from a photograph or from its call. There are apps and software available for everything. Here is a list of such unique applications and software.

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Birding Apps

1 January, 2201 @ 12:00 am -

A list of apps useful for birding in India

Image: Bird Alliance

Source: Gadgets360i

Merlin Bird ID

1 January, 2201 @ 12:00 am -

Identify the birds you see or hear with Merlin Bird ID

Image: Merlin Bird ID

Source: Cornell Lab of Ornithlogyi

Raven Sound Analysis

1 January, 2201 @ 12:00 am -

A free software to study sounds and spectrograms

Image: Raven Sound Analysis, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Source: Cornell Lab of Ornithologyi

How To Use Merlin

1 January, 2201 @ 12:00 am -

How to use the Merlin app to practice bird identification

Image: Merlin

Source: Bird Count Indiai


1 January, 2201 @ 12:00 am -

An app + website for listing birds and contributing to citizen science by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Image: eBird

Source: eBird, Cornell Lab of Ornithologyi