Cameras & Lenses

This section includes resources to guide you through the basics of photography, the different types of cameras and lenses for different budgets and also includes some basic tips on post-processing of images!

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Bird Photography – Tips & How-To’s

1 January, 2201 @ 12:00 am -

All the tools and techniques to start bird photography- basics and advanced

Image: National Archives at College Park

Source: Auduboni

Tips For Wildlife Filmmakers

1 January, 2201 @ 12:00 am -

Gear to help start your wildlife filmmaking journey

Image: Sripad Sridhar

Source: Gadgets 360i

Processing Your Wildlife Images

1 January, 2201 @ 12:00 am -

Basic techniques and skills to post-process images on Adobe Photoshop

Image: Fred the Oyster

Source: Youtubei