Here is a list of important databases and repositories for students and researchers which will help one get valuable information on birds.

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Birds Of India

1 January, 2201 @ 12:00 am -

An online database of Indian Birds with images

Image: Birds Of India

Source: Birds Of Indiai

Avibase – The World Bird Database

1 January, 2201 @ 12:00 am -

An extensive database about birds of the world, providing mapping of bird names, taxonomies, their distribution and more

Image: Avibase

Source: Avibase- The World Bird Databasei

Birds Of The World

1 January, 2201 @ 12:00 am -

An encyclopedia of information on every species of bird in the world

Image: Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Source: Cornell Lab of Ornithologyi


1 January, 2201 @ 12:00 am -

A global repository for citizens to hear, record, share and annotate recordings of bird sounds, and sounds of other creatures

Image: Xeno-Canto

Source: Xeno-Cantoi