How can we build a society in which birds and nature thrive alongside people? This is a difficult vision to achieve, but one that we must urgently work towards. The Bird Alliance was formed with the broad motivation to focus on this vision by facilitating public engagement and collective action.


To achieve this, we work to promote three main goals:


Raise public interest, awareness and commitment


Use research to diagnose problems & identify solutions


Preserve and revive the natural world

The Bird Alliance is largely a facilitatory body, which encourages and promotes collective action towards these goals. In other words, the Alliance does not attempt to replace what is already being done, but rather to promote and strengthen the vital work being carried out by many individuals, groups, and institutions across India.

To this end, phase 1 of our work is focussed on creating the directory of resources that you currently see on our website. We are working to expand this by building features for diverse audiences to seek help, make contacts, and better collaborate towards the goals listed above.

The Alliance is not a formally registered organisation; nor associated with any specific organisation. It draws from the collective individual and institutional goodwill from across the country that birds enjoy. To reflect this, the Alliance is governed by a diverse Steering Group.

Current Steering Group

    • Arati Kumar-Rao
    • Ghazala Shahabuddin
    • Monica Kaushik
    • Narayan Sharma
    • Neha Sinha
    • Praveen J
    • Rajah Jayapal
    • Suhel Quader
    • Suresh Kumar


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The Bird Alliance is supported by a grant from Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies.